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How Fine Designs Revived Niroga's Struggling App Project


Mental Health

Services Provided:

  • Code Quality Assessment

  • Cross-Platform Mobile App Development (Android, iOS)

  • Project Management

  • DevOps Pipeline

  • Approval Process Consulting


Niroga is an established 501(c)(3)

non-profit organization that works at

the intersection of education and

mental health, serving students,

teachers, and families to practice

stress resilience.

Niroga's Frustrations

Niroga approached us looking for help

in getting their mobile app to launch.

They had been rigorously working on

their app with 2 different development

agencies over 2 years, but due to

reasons outside of their understanding,

seemed to be hitting a wall, in regards

to progress.

An initial analysis of their codebase found many issues with code quality and a lack of architecture. The result was that for every bug fixed or new feature implemented, 2 new bugs would appear, and progress seemed to have plateaued. Furthermore, after spending tens of thousands of dollars on their app, communication was becoming rocky with the development team.

How We Helped

Fine Designs took over the project and immediately hit the ground running. Being based out of NYC, communication was immediately smoother than with their teams overseas, and we established bi-weekly touchpoints for feedback. Tracking was moved from Google Docs to project management tools and automated build processes, giving our teams one centralized process for communicating and gathering feedback. Within two months, every bug and inconsistency was fixed, and a stable architecture was established from which to build upon.

“Thank you for who you are, and for everything you are doing for Niroga… You and your team have already done more for us in a couple of months than [our previous agency] did for us over 10 months, and we are deeply grateful to you all.”

The Result

In fact, our code cleanup and architecture was so successful that we were able to do a complete UI redesign of the app in just 2 days, giving the app a new sleek and modern look.

This highlights one of the things Fine Designs does best: because we understand both engineering and startup building, we strike a perfect balance between code quality and flexibility. Though it’s easy to think that an app idea is all figured out, the truth is that the best new digital products need to pivot and iterate so often, in order to fit the mold of what customers truly need. On one hand, an initial launch can be soured by bugs or a bad UI design, but on the other hand startups don’t have the time or money to be overhauling a design or feature at the last minute. That’s why it becomes so critically important for your development team to design their processes that maximize the effectiveness of each unique product. That’s what Fine Designs does best.

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